About the Band

Pipe Major Don Goller, leads the Harp & Thistle Pipe Band. The Drum Major is Neil Lester and Greg Sheridan is the Pipe Sgt. At present the band boasts over 30 pipers and drummers. The band also has it’s own three-man color guard and banner carriers. The student ranks are swelling, with many student pipers learning and keeping the tradition alive. The future holds much promise.

Mission Statement

The Harp & Thistle Pipe Band was formed to play Celtic music at the highest level possible. It is our mission to promote interest, appreciation, and excellence in this art form. To attain this goal, we are determined to attract, develop and retain top piping and drumming talent through teaching, practice, parades, concerts and competition. The band seeks to foster mutual respect among its members, to create an environment conducive to learning, to implement policies and practices designed to avoid divisiveness and to provide an enjoyable experience for all associated with it.

The Merry Troop

Harp & Thistle


Don Goller
Pipe Major

Greg Sheridan
Pipe Sergeant

Ben Mowry
Pipe Corporal


Pipe Instructor
Don Goller

Drum Instructor
Rob Shaouy

Band Manager/
Peggy Wilson

Band Chef
Frank McMullen

Fr. Robert Murphy

Caira Everly, Vocalist
Chevawn Musumano, Bagpiper
John Paulen, Bagpiper
Mike Anderson, Bagpiper
Ryan Deschenes, Bagpiper
Colin Urquhart, Bagpiper
Dennis Madeiros, Bagpiper
John Holcombe, Bagpiper
Ray Schilke, Snare Drum
Richard Shawcross, Bagpiper


Greg Sheridan
Sean Hunt
TJ Jenkins
Bill O’Brien
Paul McHugh
Ashlee Sluski
Chris Willis
Nick Starr
Miles McMullen
Kathryn McMullen
Ben Mowry
Peggy Wilson
Edmund Peliska
Foster Hanson
Brian Hunt
Mike Witteman
Jane Noga
Stephen Mallow
Katie Boling
Scott Simmons
Steve Adams
Nick Jason


Snare Drum
Drew Beaverson
Rob Shaouy
Sydney Shaouy
Robert Alan Shaouy
Amy Shaouy
Rhona Chalmers
Nick Hay
Ray Devlin
Matt McCreary
Ryan Raftery
Miles McMullen
Vicki Dempsey
George McCleese

Tenor Drum
Danny Parker
Amy Shaouy
Rhona Chalmers
Judith King
Kaye Hanson

Bass Drum
Ryan Raftery
John Dempsey


Get in Touch with Us

If you’d like to get in touch with us for hiring the band, for teaching or instruction or to learn of our next event, please email us today!

Call: 239-850-1060 or 239-777-8371